How to Buy a Headstone

Front Facade of Monumental Artworks Office

Step 1 : Stop By Our Shop

Let’s Begin our Headstone Buying Process.  The customer comes to a retail location to pick out a headstone. They discuss with the sales person their desired color of granite, budget and design ideas. The order form is then filled out and payment and delivery timeline is agreed upon. At this time, the sales person also collects the money for the cemetery foundation/installation.

Step 2 : The Design is Created

The order is then sent to the designer, who starts working on the proof. The proof is a paper copy of what the stone will look like. The customer then gets the proof and has to look over it carefully. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and all dates and information are correct. Then they sign and date it and return it to the sales person for production. The sales person also sends the proof to the cemetery with all appropriate documents signed by the customer, as well as the check for the foundation/installation.

Step 3 : Make Sure the Design is Perfect

The sales person submits the proof to the manufacturing company, signaling that they can begin on the stone and the cemetery has been paid for.

Step 4 : From Stone to Memorial

The manufacturing facility cuts the stencil and submits the order, stencil and proof to the shop. The master craftsman coordinates which stones will be sandblasted depending on age of order, inventory and delivery timeline. Then the shop applies the stencil to the correct stone size and color and does 1st and 2nd cuts with Monumental Art Works four step verification. Once the stone is sandblasted, the shop washes it carefully with special granite solution to get off all residue from the stencil and any built up granite debris.

Viktor Creating a Custom Etching

Step 5 (optional): Add a Personal Touch

If there are any portrait etchings, then the stone is wheeled into another location of the shop where the etching artist puts it on the Diamond Etching machine and sets up the etching to be done. The process of etching is done weeks beforehand with picking out a good quality photo and editing the said photo to the specifics of the granite size, color variations and customer requests.  This is only an optional step in the headstone buying process.

Step 6 : Delivery

The stone awaits for the manager to coordinate delivery to the cemetery. At this point, the manager calls on the cemetery to double check that the stone can be delivered and when (some cemeteries have certain days/times that stones can be dropped off or set).

The Monumental Art Works Delivery Truck
Etching of Madona and Child

Step 7 : The Memorial is Now Forever

Once the delivery has been done, the driver brings back the copy of the order.  This confirms it has been properly set or dropped off (whatever the cemetery requires). The sales person then notifies the customer and the customer then has the option of writing a review of their experience.  That’s it!  The Headstone Buying Process is Complete.

Memorial Formats



There are endless ways to create a customized monument. Whether it is finishes, sizes or colors; the choices are endless. In order to create the best memorial for you, please set up a free in-store consultation to discuss your ideas as well as cemetery regulations in your given section.



Certain privately or corporate owned cemeteries will allow a slant on a single or two grave plot. Sometimes they will even allow a base to go underneath for added height, but that depends on cemetery rules and regulations. A slant is sometimes considered like a small monument. The face of the slant is polished, the nosing on the front, sides and top of the slant are rocky (BRP) and the back of the slant is smooth sawn. The steep slanted surface of this memorial makes it very easy for readability from an ever further distance than a bevel and it stands 1ft 4in from the ground.



Certain sections of particularly older cemeteries will accept a bevel on a single or two grave plot. These stones are polished on the top and rocky (BRP) on the sides. The back of the bevel headstone is raised 8″ high and the front is lowered 6″ for easy readability.

Flush Marker

Flush Marker

The smallest of the headstones, they lie flush with the ground. Other names for a flush marker are tombstone, headstone or grave marker. All are acceptable terms.

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